Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)

Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) for OC-768, 100GbE, 400G

SHF Bit Pattern Generators (BPG), Pulse Pattern Generators (PPG) and Error Analyzers (EA) form a future-proof bit error rate tester (BERT) which supports 100 Gigabit Ethernet developments based on multiple 28/32 Gbps and 56/64 Gbps channels for 40/43 Gbps (OC-768), 28 Gbps CEI, Infiniband, Fiber channels as well as parallel channel data-com. The SHF 12104 A, SHF 12105 A and SHF 11104 A are worldwide the first BPG and EA instruments delivering a speed of more than 64 Gbps per channel!

Going even further (100 Gbps serial and 60 GBaud arbitrary waveform generation)

Our BPGs operate hand in hand with our high speed digital modules (so called extender heads). Expanding the BERT with a SHF 603 A Multiplexer and SHF 623 A Demultiplexer raises the serial data rate to ≥ 120 Gbps. A PAM4 or PAM8 source is formed by attaching one of our DAC modules. The programming capabilities together with the channel synchronization render the BPG + DAC combination to be a full “remote head” AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) at a speed of up to 60 GSymbols/s. A PAM4 Bit Error Ratio (BER) measurement solution up to 58 GBaud is formed by extending the SHF 11104 A EA with our SHF 11220 A PAM4 Sampler.

Pattern Generator (BPG) and Error Analyzer (EA)

P/NTypeForm Factor32/33G NRZ Channels60/64G NRZ ChannelsPAM capabilityDatasheet
SHF 12104 ABPGPlug-In0, 2, 4 or 80, 1, 2 or 4with external DAC
SHF 12105 ABPGBench-Top4, 6 or 8with external DAC
SHF 12124 ABPGBench-Top2 —with external DAC
SHF 12124 BBPGBench-Top2 —with external DAC
SHF 12125 BBPGBench-Top2 1with external DAC
SHF 12126 ABPGBench-Top21x ≤ 32 GBaud (64 Gbps)
SHF 11104 AEAPlug-In0, 2, 4 or 80, 1, 2 or 4≤ 32 GBaud (64 Gbps) or
58 GBaud (116 Gbps) with PAM sampler
SHF 11125 AEABench-Top2 —

Extender & Remote Heads for BPG and EA

P/NTypeBest Fit toPurposeMax. SpeedDatasheet
SHF C603 A2:1 Mux≥ 2 channel BPGDouble the output data rate120 Gbps
SHF 613 A
3-Bit DAC
≥ 2 channel BPGGenerate PAM4/8 signals60 GBaud
SHF 615 B
3-Bit DAC
(With Amplifier)
≥ 2 channel BPGGenerate PAM4/8 signals60 GBaud
SHF 614 C6-Bit DAC≥ 6 channel BPGGenerate PAM or arbitrary waveforms60 GBaud
SHF 616 APAM4 Mux≥ 4 channel BPGQuadruplicate the speed
i.e. double signal levels (to PAM4) & baud rate
112 GBaud
(224 Gbps)
SHF C623 A1:2 Demux≥ 2 channel EADouble analysis speed120 Gbps
SHF 11220 APAM4 SamplerSHF 11104 A EARaise PAM4 BER analysis speed58 GBaud
(116 Gbps)

Amplifier Instruments

P/NTypeForm FactorOperational RangeDatasheet
SHF 58211 ADual AmplifierPlug-Inup to 50 Gbps
SHF 58214 AMulti-Channel AmplifierPlug-Inup to 33 Gbps
SHF 58215 AMulti-Channel AmplifierPlug-Inup to 33 Gbps

Mainframes (to host the Plug-In Modules above)

P/NTypeTo host up toDatasheet
SHF 10001 BSmall MainframeEither four half-width plug-ins,
or one full-width plug-in and two half-width plug-ins
SHF 10000 CLarge MainframeUp to two full-width plug-ins (EA or BPG) and
up to four half-width plug-ins (e.g. optical Tx)