New 67 & 110 GHz Passive Devices

Terminations, Attenuators & Power-Dividers

100 GHz Broadband Amplifier

Ideally suited for PAM4 signals beyond 200 Gbps.

FIR Filter for up to 70 GBaud PAM4

The SHF C683 A can significantly improve the quality of heavily degraded signals.

256 Gbps PAM4

SHF PAM-MUX driven by a multi-channel BPG.

Products & Solutions

Bit Error Test &
Arbitrary Waveform Generation

BERT & AWG Instruments

High-Speed Data &
Telecommunication Modules

Communication Modules

RF & Microwave
Modules and Instruments

RF Modules & Instruments

RF & Microwave
Broadband Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers

RF & Microwave
Passive Components

RF Passive Components

RF & Microwave
Connectors and Cables

RF Connectors & Cables

SHF is committed to design and manufacture leading edge ultra-fast digital and broadband RF & microwave electronics in Berlin, Germany.  Since 1983 our instruments, modules and components enjoy an excellent reputation for the highest speed and the widest bandwidth commercially available worldwide.

Latest Updates

ECOC 2023

ECOC 2023

At the ECOC 2023 you will find us at the Berlin-Brandenburg Pavilion.

EuMW 2023

EuMW 2023

From September, 19th to 21st we are exhibiting at the EuMW.