Bit Error Test & Arbitrary Waveform Generation

BERT for Ethernet, OC-768, CEI, InfiniBand and Fiber Channel

SHF’s Bit Pattern Generators (BPG) or Pulse Pattern Generators (PPG), Error Analyzers (EA) and remote heads form a Bit Error Ratio Tester (BERT) suite, which supports a vast number of different applications including high speed Ethernet rates like 100GbE, 200GbE, 400GbE and 1TbE.
The instruments support up to 8 independent channels broadband from < 10 to 64 Gbps. By combining these instruments with our multiplexer (MUX) and demultiplexer (DEMUX) modules, the serial data rate is extended further up to 120 Gbps per channel.
A PAM source is formed by attaching one of our digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) remote heads to the BPG. This way, the fastest commercially available speed on a single serial coaxial interface (128 GBaud / 256 Gbps) is achieved using our PAM-MUX extender head.
SHF’s capability for true PAM4 BER measurements up to a speed of up to 58 GBaud PAM4 (112 Gbps) is also the industries fastest.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG)

When it comes to signal generation an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) is the all-in-one device suitable for every purpose in Telecommunication, Optics, Medicine, Radar, Physics or even Quantum Computing.

NRZ and PAM Pattern Generators (BPG)

SHF’s BPG instruments support a vast number of speeds, signal types and channel configurations. By extending the binary generators with our remote heads the data rate, the number of levels or both is increased. The drop down menus below are supposed to help to find the best fitting instrument configuration for your application.

NRZ and PAM Error Analyzers (EA)

By combining the SHF 11104 A EA with a SHF C623 A DEMUX, the serial data rate is extended up to 120 Gbps per channel. The SHF 11220 A PAM-Sampler enhances the capability for true PAM4 BER measurements up to a speed of up to 58 GBaud PAM4 (112 Gbps).

P/Ns33 Gbps NRZ
64 Gbps NRZ
120 Gbps
NRZ Channels
SHF 11104 A0, 2, 4 or 80, 1, 2 or 4≤ 32 GBaud (64 Gbps)
SHF 11104 A  + SHF C623 A2 or 41 or 2≤ 32 GBaud (64 Gbps)
SHF 11104 A  + SHF 11220 A0, 1, 2 or 4≤ 58 GBaud (112 Gbps)


Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG)

SHF is offering a cost effective solution housed in a small and light weight chassis (the SHF 19120 C) and a solution based  on our BPG-DAC combination. For PAM signals, it is faster than any other AWG instrument as it samples only one single time per each bit. Thus the baud rate of the resulting PAM signal is as fast as the sample rate of the system.

SHF 19120 C3*2.85 GSa/s14 bit1 GSa
SHF 12104 A BPG + 1x SHF 614 C160 GSa/s4 bit1 GSa
SHF 12105 A + 1x SHF 614 C160 GSa/s6 bit8 GSa
SHF 12105 A + 2x SHF 614 C260 GSa/s4 bit8 GSa/channel

* Only one AWG channel accessible at a time. In addition there are four BPG outputs (1… 10.3 Gbps).

Optical Transmitters

Our optical transmitter allows the generation of up to 32 GBaud QAM (128 Gbps) or QPSK (64 Gbps).

P/NModulation FormatsForm FactorData Rate Range in GbpsWavelength Range in nmDatasheet
Plug-In10 to 64 (QPSK)
20 to 128 (QAM)
1530 to 1610

Amplifier Instruments

P/NTypeForm FactorOperational RangeDatasheet
SHF 58211 ADual AmplifierPlug-Inup to 50 Gbps
SHF 58214 AMulti-Channel AmplifierPlug-Inup to 33 Gbps
SHF 58215 AMulti-Channel AmplifierPlug-Inup to 33 Gbps

Mainframes (to host the Plug-In Modules above)

P/NTypeTo host up toDatasheet
SHF 10001 CSmall MainframeEither four half-width plug-ins,
or one full-width plug-in and two half-width plug-ins
SHF 10000 CLarge MainframeUp to two full-width plug-ins (EA or BPG) and
up to four half-width plug-ins (e.g. optical Tx)