Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers

For more than 30 years SHF is doing RF broadband and microwave amplifier design. The outstanding performance makes our amplifiers suitable for a wide variety of applications in R&D. This comprises not only optical communications but also satellite communications, high-speed pulse experiments, data transmission, radar and antenna measurements.

Below you will find a selection of SHF broadband amplifiers e.g. for your OC-192, OC-768, 100GbE or 400G application fitting to the different drive requirements in complex signal generation e.g. with LiNbO3 or electro-absorption modulators.

Please set your filter to shorten the list of potential amplifiers:

High Frequency 3 dB Point: ≥ GHz

Gain: ≥ dB

(note 2)

Output Power at 1 dB compression (P1dB): ≥ dBm

(≥ Vpp, note 3)

Output Power at 3 dB compression (P3dB): ≥ dBm

(≥ Vpp, note 3)

These amplifiers are complying to your filter requirements:

Min. BW
Typ. Gain
Min. P1dB
Min. P3dB

Note 1:
A variety of SHF amplifiers are verified for their excellent performance with multi-level (e.g. for PAM or QAM) and analog signals (e.g. OFDM). The SHF S807 B, in particular, is an amplifier specifically designed for 4-level signals. These amplifiers with particular emphasis on linearity are marked as “ultra linear”.

Note 2:
Different to all other values shown above, gain refers to typical values. For the guaranteed gain, please be referred to the data sheet.

Note 3:
Reference peak to peak output voltage for sinusoidal signals.
Due to the AC coupling of SHF amplifiers, this amplitude will be lower for signals having a duty cycle << 50%.