RF & Microwave
Broadband Amplifiers

For more than 30 years SHF is doing RF broadband and microwave amplifier design. The outstanding performance makes our amplifiers suitable for a wide variety of applications in R&D. This comprises not only optical communications but also satellite communications, high-speed pulse experiments, data transmission, radar and antenna measurements.

Below you will find a selection of SHF broadband amplifiers e.g. for your OC-192, OC-768, 100GbE or 400G application fitting to the different drive requirements in complex signal generation e.g. with LiNbO3 or electro-absorption modulators.

SHF amplifiers verified for their excellent performance not only for NRZ but also with multi-level (e.g. for PAM or QAM) or analog signals (e.g. OFDM).

Please set your filter to shorten the list of potential amplifiers:

PN Option /
Min. BW
Typ. Gain2
Min. P1dB
Min. P3dB

Note 1:
Calculation for sinusoidal signals and Z = 50 Ohm.
For PAM4 signals it is recommended to remain below the P1dB compression point while for NRZ signals the amplifier can be driven towards saturation (practically the P3dB compression point). For more info please be referred to our FAQ page.

Note 2:
Different to all other values shown above, gain refers to typical values. For the guaranteed gain, please be referred to the data sheet.

Note 3:
The 10 dBm output power of the SHF F840 A are specified for each arm of the differential output.