At the ECOC 2018 we showed a live experiment with 56 GBaud PAM4 pattern generation and error analysis. If you missed it, you might like this interview.


In this video you see:

  • The generation of different PAM4 signal types (e.g. with pre-emphasis or unequal eye openings) with our SHF 12105 A Bit Pattern Generator (BPG)  connected to our SHF 614 A 6-Bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC).
  • An accurate bit error ratio (BER) measurement of a 56 GBaud (112 Gbps) PAM4 signal by our SHF 11220A PAM4 Sampler and the SHF 11104 A Error Analyzer. SHF is the first company to show a commercially available solution which enables real BER analysis at this speed.

All data sheets can be found in our Products & Solutions section.