SHF is adding a 60 GHz Balun to its product offerings

SHF BLN60 A 60 GHz Balun

A Balun, short for balanced-to-unbalanced, is a RF device designed to convert a single-ended signal into a differential signal. In an “active” configuration like our new SHF BLN60 A, it diverges from merely splitting input power between two output arms; instead, it actively amplifies the signal. This amplification results in the Balun delivering more power at the output than received at the input.

50 GBaud single-ended input into the Balun

50 GBaud (100 Gbps) input
~ -12 dBm (single-ended)

50 GBaud output from the Balun

50 GBaud (100 Gbps) output
~ -10 dBm (single-ended at each arm)

The SHF BLN60 A Balun is particularly noteworthy for its exceptional broadband phase and amplitude matching characteristics. These features render it well-suited for high data rate applications, such as 128 Gbit PAM4, as well as facilitating the transition to balanced architectures, such as Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs). Moreover, it proves advantageous in baseband modulation applications.

For further technical details, the comprehensive data sheet is available in our RF & Microwave Modules product section.