On the way towards 800G and 1.6T, there are many components which already support the required bandwidth and speed to cope with single line rates faster than 200 Gbps (i.e. > 100 GBaud PAM4). For example, optical modules (such as modulators or lasers) with sufficient bandwidth or measurement equipment being capable of generating these fast data streams (like the SHF 12105 A / SHF 616 C combination) are commercially available. However, one item was always missing in this mix: a broadband electrical amplifier having enough bandwidth.

SHF T850 B Amplifier

With a 3 dB bandwidth from < 100 kHz to > 100 GHz the SHF T850 B is the first SHF amplifier designed and dedicated for these extreme speeds. It provides 40% more bandwidth than the SHF M827 B which has been the fastest broadband amplifier commercially available so far.

S21 of SHF T850 A and SHF M827 B

Gain vs. Frequency of SHF T850 B (in red) and SHF M827 B (in gray)

112 GBaud PAM4 input and output of SHF T850 B

224 Gbps (112 GBaud) input & output signal (with software based FFE)

The new SHF T850 B is ideally suited for fast PAM4 signals (up to and beyond 200 Gbps).

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