Active Modules for High Speed Communication

SHF provides a wide range of high speed modules suitable e.g. for SONET OC-768 / SDHSTM-256, 100 GbE, 400 GbE, 1TbE or Fibre Channel telecommunication systems . The needs of our customers are different; therefore SHF is happy to offer customization to specific applications. A small selection of such assemblies based on our standard product offerings can be found in the customized assemblies subsection.

Raising the speed (up to 120 Gbps serial)

Our multiplexers (MUX) and demultiplexers (DEMUX) offer broadband operation up to 120 Gbps with adjustable amplitude and eye symmetry.

Raising the number of levels (up to 60 GBaud)

Our digital-to-analog converters (DAC) operate at baud rates up to 32 or 60 GBaud. Up to six single-ended serial data streams are converted into one differential multi-level signal. This makes the DAC an ideal electrical signal source e.g. for PAM or QAM applications. Together with one of our our programmable BPGs (Bit Pattern Generators) a high speed “remote head” AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) is formed.

Raising the speed and the number of levels (up to 128 GBaud)

Our PAM4 multiplexer take four binary input data streams, re-time, reshape the signals and multiplex each two to a binary signal of double the speed. Inside the module a two bit DAC converts these two extremely high speed signals to a four level signal.

Signal Shaping

Our filter offer the crucial benefit of improving the quality of a heavily degraded signal after transmission, e.g. for BER measurements. Equalizing operation has been verified for signals up to 60 GBaud PAM4 and 80 Gbps NRZ. Attenuation can be adjusted within a range of 6 to 28 dB with our adjustable attenuator.

Signal Switching

With our analog switches, routing between different high-speed clock, NRZ or PAM signal lines can be accommodated easily and fully automated.

Multiplexers (Mux) & Demultiplexers (Demux)

P/NTypeInput Data
Rate Range
Output Data
Rate Range
Max. Output
Amplitude (typ.)
SHF 601 A2:1 Mux1… 30 Gbps2… 60 Gbps0.63 V single-ended
1.26 V differential
SHF 602 B4:1 Mux1.5… 15 Gbps6… 60 Gbps0.55 V single-ended
1.1 V differential
SHF C603 A2:1 Mux2… 60 Gbps4… 120 Gbps0.4 V single-ended
0.8 V differential
SHF 604 A2:1 Power Mux2… 40 Gbps4… 80 Gbps1.4 V single-ended
2.8 V differential
SHF 621 A1:2 Demux2… 60 Gbps1… 30 Gbps0.4 V single-ended
SHF C623 A1:2 Demux10… 120 Gbps5… 60 Gbps0.4 V single-ended

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC)

P/NTypeInputOutputOutput Amplitude
(typ., FS*)
SHF 611 F3-Bit DAC1… 32 Gbps
at 2 or 3 inputs
1… 32 GBaud
4 or 8 levels
0.65 V single-ended
1.3 V differential
SHF 612 A4-Bit DAC1… 32 Gbps
at 2, 3 or 4 inputs
1… 32 GBaud
4, 8 or 16 levels
0.65 V single-ended
1.3 V differential
SHF 613 A3-Bit DAC1… 60 Gbps
at 2 or 3 inputs
1… 60 GBaud
4 or 8 levels
0.65 V single-ended
1.3 V differential
SHF 614 C6-Bit DAC1… 60 Gbps
at 2 to 6 inputs
1… 60 GBaud
4 to 64 levels
1.3 V single-ended
2.6 V differential
SHF 615 B3-Bit Power DAC1… 60 Gbps
at 2 or 3 inputs
1… 60 GBaud
4 or 8 levels
2.4 V single-ended
4.8 V differential

* FS: Full Scale i.e. maximum output with all input channels active. Output voltage can be reduced by software or by applying less input channels.

PAM Generation and Sampling (PAM-MUX, PAM-Sampler)

SHF 616 CPAM4 Multiplexer1.5… 64 Gbps binary
(at 4 inputs)
3… 128 GBaud PAM4
(4… 256 Gbps PAM4)
SHF 11220 APAM4 Sampler30… 58 GBaud PAM4
(60… 116 Gbps PAM4)
30… 58 Gbps binary

Signal Shaping (Filters, Equalizers and Attenuators)

SHF C681 A6-Tap FIR Filterup to 55 GHz*
SHF C711 AAdjustable Attenuator50 GHz

*Bandwidth depends on the set filter characteristic.


P/NTypeNo. of Switching PortsDatasheet
SHF C701 A50 GHz 2:2 Cross Switch (DPDT)2 ↔ 2
SHF C702 A50 GHz Dual 2:1 Switch (SPDT)2x (1 ↔ 2)
SHF C704 A50 GHz 4:1 Switch (SP4T)1 ↔ 4


Frequency Dividers & Multipliers

P/NTypeInput Operating RangeOutput Operating RangeDatasheet
SHF C642 Af -> f/2 Static Frequency Divider2… 60 GHz1… 30 GHz
SHF 1020 CFrequency Doubler9… 12.5 GHz18… 25 GHz
SHF 1428 AFrequency Doubler12… 16.5 GHz24… 33 GHz
SHF 1632 AFrequency Doubler13.5… 18 GHz27… 36 GHz
SHF 2856 BFrequency Doubler25… 32 GHz50… 64 GHz