Optical Transmitters

Optical Transmitters up to 256 Gbps (OC-768, 100GbE)

Our optical transmitters allow the generation of optical signals of up to 264 Gbps. In addition to the well-known ASK format (also known as OOK), we also produce instruments for the generation of PAM, DPSK, DQPSK, DP-QPSK and QAM signals.

For applications where speed, signal quality and flexibility are the key factors, SHF’s plug-in modules to be hosted by a mainframe are the right choice. The mainframe is controlled over an Ethernet connection by an external computer.
SHF’s compact bench-top series provide a high performance signal generation solution to the cost-sensitive industry. The minimal power consumption and the light weight make it perfectly suited e.g. for on-wafer tests.


P/NModulation FormatsForm FactorData Rate Range in GbpsWavelength Range in nmDatasheet
SHF 46123 AASK
Bench-Top2 to 56 (ASK)
4 to 112 (PAM4)
1260 to 1360 &
1530 to 1625
Plug-In10 to 64 (QPSK)
20 to 128 (QAM)
1530 to 1610