Clock Generation & Distribution

Synthesized Signal Generators (Synthesizers)

P/N Type Operational Range Datasheet
SHF 78124 A in config. 32 Synthesized Signal Generator (Synthesizer) up to 32 GHz


Clock Distribution

P/N Type Datasheet
SHF C991 A 64 GHz Arbitrary Clock Distribution
SHF 78123 A 64 GHz Clock Distribution
SHF C651 B 67 GHz Clock Buffer / Clock Signal Splitter
SHF C652 A 67 GHz 1:2 Clock Buffer / Clock Signal Splitter



P/N Type No. of Switching Ports Datasheet
SHF C701 A 50 GHz 2:2 Cross Switch (DPDT) 2 ↔ 2
SHF C702 A 50 GHz Dual 2:1 Switch (SPDT) 2x (1 ↔ 2)
SHF C704 A 50 GHz 4:1 Switch (SP4T) 1 ↔ 4
SHF C980 A 60 GHz Switchable Filter Bank 1 ↔ 4


Clock Signal Amplifiers

P/N Type Passband Typ. Gain Min. P3dB Datasheet
SHF 818 Clock Amplifier 36 – 41 GHz 30 dB 29 dBm


Frequency Dividers & Multipliers

P/N Type Input Operating Range Output Operating Range Datasheet
SHF C642 B f -> f/2 Static Frequency Divider 2… 60 GHz 1… 30 GHz
SHF 1020 C Frequency Doubler 9… 12.5 GHz 18… 25 GHz
SHF 1428 A Frequency Doubler 12… 16.5 GHz 24… 33 GHz
SHF 1632 A Frequency Doubler 13.5… 18 GHz 27… 36 GHz
SHF 2856 B Frequency Doubler 25… 32 GHz 50… 64 GHz


Further Information

Synthesized Signal Generators (Synthesizers) for Clock Generation

In digital high speed test and measurement, a perfect clock signal is crucial for the generation of low jitter reference test signals. A SHF Synthesized Signal Generator (Synthesizer) used as a clock source can operate over several decades of frequency and is an essential part of any high speed test and measurement environment.
The ability to vary, in a controlled manner, the level and nature of the clock jitter and transfer it to the signal is a key exercise in many R&D as well as production testing. For such stressed test environment, SHF offers a very broad band low jitter clock source, with jitter injection feature, operating over three decades of frequencies from 625 MHz to 67 GHz.

Clock Distribution

In setups with digital high speed modules and instruments, the clock distribution is always challenging as some parts require a full-clock, others a half-clock, and some even a lower fraction clock signal. Our clock distribution, frequency dividers and frequency doublers are designed to facilitate such a complex test set ups requiring a range of clock signals.