New features while keeping the excellent performance of its predecessor SHF 827

The SHF 827 amplifier has been the best choice for applications demanding the highest bandwidth and phase linearity such as 100 Gbps binary and 56G PAM4.  Due to this huge success, SHF has further refined this amplifier such that it enjoys the same ease of use as all other SHF amplifiers, whilst keeping its excellent RF performance.

This new amplifier, SHF M827 A, will feature:

  • Only one power supply required, generating all operating voltages internally within the module,
  • Gain control function to allow the gain to be reduced by up to 3 dB,
  • Crossing adjustment,
  • Optional bias tees, DC-returns or matched pairs.

In addition, the -3dB bandwidth was raised to ≥ 67 GHz.  This makes the SHF M827 A the perfect vehicle to amplify 56 GBaud PAM-4 signals.

The full data sheet can be found here.