In digital high-speed test and measurement set-ups a perfect clock signal is crucial for the generation of low jitter reference test signals. A SHF Synthesized Signal Generator (Synthesizer) used as a clock source can operate over several decades of frequency.

SHF 78124 A Synthesizer

SHF 78124 A | 32 for output signals from 1… 32.8 GHz
SHF 78124 A | 64 for output signals from 1… 64.0 GHz

In contrast to other high-speed signal generators SHF synthesizers focus on the generation of CW signals only which enables us to offer the most cost-effective solutions in this frequency range. The high purity and fidelity could be achieved by waiving potentially unrequired components and capabilities (like e.g., signal modulation or complex signal sweeps).

32 GHz from a SHF 78124 A

32 GHz from a SHF 78124 A

The full data sheets can be downloaded in our “RF & Microwave Modules and Instruments” product section. Here you will also find a huge variety of external extension modules in case other frequencies, more outputs or phase shifts are required: