During ECOC in Dublin, SHF will show in a live demonstration the latest addition to the high speed PAM4 BER measurement capability. This is in the form of a stand-alone 6-tap analog FIR equalization module capable of supporting data rate up to 64 GBaud.

It offers the crucial benefit of improving the quality of a heavily degraded signal after transmission, for BER measurements. The complementary software package calculates the optimum tab settings of this analog FIR Filter from one or multiple s2p files of the to be compensated DUTs.  Similarly, the software also allows it to be used to generate pre-emphasis on a simple PAM4 signal.

The following pictures show the equalizer module, a severely degraded 60 GBaud PAM4 signal after transmission through ~ 3 m cable with a Nyquist loss of around 10 dB, and after equalization.The compact module is flexible enough to be placed wherever adaptive equalization is required. One application is to recover an impaired signal for proper detection and error analysis with the SHF 11120 A PAM sampler.

The full data sheet can be found here.