Passive low pass filters are very useful tools to minimize unwanted high frequency harmonic components. However, such passive devices tend to have a fixed -3 dB bandwidth and may therefore not always match the requirements. To mitigate this short coming, the SHF C980 A Filter Bank contains four different channels (filters) covering different bandwidth requirements from 6.5 to 30 GHz.

Block Diagram of the SHF C980 A

The different filters can be switched via the complementary software. No need for any rewiring in case different filter coefficients should be used.

In some RF test and measurement setups, the available trigger signals may not approach the purity of a sinusoidal signal, whilst this is essential in order to deliver correct triggering operation. A low pass filter with the right bandwidth can reshape a fast edged and rather rectangular signal to a purely sinusoidal waveform. Therefore, a filter with an appropriate bandwidth is very helpful if connected to the trigger input of a high-speed oscilloscope as shown in the header picture above. Tests showed significant improvements on the signal integrity when the trigger signal to a Tektronix® Digital Serial Analyzer DSA8300 or to a Keysight® Digital Communication Analyzer DCA 86100 was cleaned up with the SHF C980 A.

Further information and the full data sheet can be found here or in the active modules product section.