SHF’s newest Digital-to-Analog-Converter – the SHF C911 A – is the fastest DAC we ever released.

It provides error free operation up to at least 67 GBaud, extremely low amplitude distortion and low jitter output signals as shown below.

67 GBaud 60 GBaud 50 GBaud


In addition to the standard output amplitude control, this new module also features the ability to fine-tuning the output signal quality at the desired operating data rate.

Like all recent SHF DACs, the module is controlled by our complementary software package.  In case a SHF Bit Pattern Generator (BPG / PPG) is connected to provide the input NRZ data, the software unifies the instruments to virtually one single multi-level source. The user can directly program any multi-level signal trace or select from our library of standard test patterns sent from the DAC. BPG / DAC combinations for a variety of speeds and applications can be selected here.

The SHF C911 A is available now and the data sheet can be found here.