With the SHF C711 A the exact attenuation value can be adjusted with a resolution of 0.1 dB within a 22 dB dynamic range.

Engineers working in RF and high-speed communication test and measurement have the need to fine adjust signal levels to fit exactly the requirements. Up to now, adjusting the signal level has been difficult as high quality and high bandwidth attenuators had been available in discrete attenuation values only. Thus, adjusting the attenuation meant tedious re-cabling. Further, a fine control (< 3 dB) was usually not possible at all.

In view of this need, SHF is delighted to introduce a high bandwidth adjustable attenuator product addressing these issues.

The SHF C711 A is a “Dual Analog RF Attenuator” module which includes two separate and independently adjustable attenuators in one single chassis, as indicated by the block diagram below. It is capable of bi-directional operation up to 50 GHz and is thus perfectly suited for 64 Gbps data signals.

The attenuation values can be set by our easy to use software SHF SCC or by any self-programmed script for automated measurements. As for all parts of the SHF “C” series it comes along in a compact light weight module with an USB connection.

The full data sheet can be found in our  “Active Modules” Product Section.



SHF C711 A


S21 at different attenuation values