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The installers below include the required drivers and the graphical user interface (GUI) to operate SHF instruments. Please download and install the software before connecting the device to your PC.

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SHF Software

SHF 600 Series Control

  • This software package is required to operate SHF 600 series DACs and to change the gain, output power and crossing of the D-series amplifiers amplifiers.
  • Version 2.12.4

SHF Amplifier Control

  • Software control to set the gain, output power and crossing of an SHF S-series amplifier.
  • Version: 1.6.0

SHF Control Center (SCC)

  • The  SHF Control Center software provides a variety of features to make BPG and DAC work hand in hand as virtually one AWG instrument. Further it is required to operate the SHF 19120 A/B AWG.
  • Version 2.9.8

BERT Control Center (BCC)

  • An easy to use software package to provide a user friendly interface for changing the operating parameters plus a powerful measurement utility. To be used for all bit error rate tester (BERT), optical transmitter & receiver, clock generation and distribution instruments.
  • Version