With increasing complexity in RF test & measurement, some means of routing and switching between high-speed clock or signal lines is required. One example is to measure bit errors of multiple parallel lines with a single channel error analyzer. This can be realized by measuring one channel after the other. With SHF’s switches, such measurements can be accommodated fully automated without the need for any re-wiring or re-cabling.

 4:1 RF Switch (SP4T)

The SHF C704 A is a 4:1 or 1:4 switch. The signal at the common port is routed to or from one of the four other ports. The “non-common” ports 1, 2, 3 or 4 cannot be connected.

Dual 2:1 RF Switch (2x SPDT)

The SHF C702 A is a dual 2:1 RF switch, so essentially two independent switches in one single chassis as indicated by the block diagram. It operates in both directions, i.e. the signal can be applied to or taken from the common port.

2:2 RF Cross Switch (DPDT)

The SHF C701 A is a 2:2 Cross Switch. With this device one can connect one of the two ports physically on the left-hand side (switch 1) to one of the two ports physically on the right-hand side (switch 2). Ports of the same side/switch cannot be connected.


All three new switches can operate up to 50 GHz for clock signals or 64 Gbps for NRZ data signals. Each switch port is 50 ohm-terminated for impedance matching for low reflection characteristics.

The devices can be controlled by our easy to use software package SHF SCC or by any self-programmed script for automated measurements. As for all parts of the SHF “C” series they come along in a compact light weight module with an USB connection.

The full data sheet can be found in our  “Active Modules” Product Section.