Our family of compact low cost instruments has been extended to include the SHF 46121 A C-band only optical transmitter. Compared to the earlier release SHF 46120 A, the new module supports higher speeds up to 50 Gbps in ASK and 32 GBaud PAM4 mode. This is realised by utilizing a different modulator which only works in C-band.

shf 46121 aOther key features include:

  • Automatic bias control for modulator stability,
  • Adjustable extinction ratio via input data amplitude control,
  • PAM capable,
  • External interference injection for optical stress eye generation.

Combining the jitter injection capability of the clock synthesizer, adjustable output amplitude and pre-emphasis feature of the BPG, and now the broad band optical transmitter, the set up can support a comprehensive range of stress tests required for 100G modules and components.

The full data sheet can be downloaded at our BERT & Extension Modules section.