SHF’s most broadband amplifier is now available with 1.00 mm connectors and 70 GHz of bandwidth.

Engineers are pushing out the 65 GHz frequency limit of the 1.85 mm connector as defined in the standard for Precision Coaxial Connectors (IEEE 287-2007) simply because mode-free operation can be achieved slightly beyond the originally defined limit. However, no matter how much the actual specification is “stretched” – be it 67 or even 70 GHz – at some point the 1.85 mm connector reaches its limit and waveguide modes start to propagate. Due to this consideration, more and more engineers are switching to 1.00 mm connections.

To meet this increasing demand, we are now optionally offering our most broadband amplifier, the SHF M827 B, with 1.0 mm connectors. This makes the connection to other 1.00mm instruments and modules much easier. Further, it increases the bandwidth of the amplifier module by 4 GHz to a guaranteed 3 dB bandwidth of 70 GHz.


SHF M827 B with 1.85 mm connectors (left) and 1.0 mm connectors (right)


The full data sheet can be downloaded here.