64 Gbps with 2 V directly from the SHF 12104 A BPG

For more than 30 years SHF has provided the highest bandwidth amplifiers and the fastest bit error test systems. Now these two unique capabilities are brought together and we are proud to announce the high voltage (HV) option for the 60 and 64 Gbps data outputs of our SHF 12104 A Bit Pattern Generator (BPG).

SHF has dedicated to the highest speed and best possible signal performance. Therefore, the output signal from our high speed BPG was traditionally taken directly from the output stage multiplexer. Now, SHF’s amplifier development has enhanced the performance to the degree that ultra-broad band amplifier and multiplexer MMICs can be co-packaged with almost negligible signal degradation. This raises the output signal swing to more than 2 V (4 V differential) while keeping performance up to 64 Gbps.

The eye diagram below shows an output signal with the new high voltage option.

64g_with_hv2V, 64 Gbps from the SHF 12104 A BPG with option HV
Jitter (RMS): ~ 400 fs, S/N: ~10

For applications which do not benefit from the extra output power, the non-amplified signal can be taken from the BPG without the high voltage option.  A typical output signal is shown below.

64g_without_hv650 mV, 64 Gbps from the SHF 12104 A BPG without option HV
Jitter (RMS): ~ 300 fs, S/N: ~12

The full data sheet can be downloaded at our BERT & Extension Modules section.

In any case, for further boosting the signal, SHF offers matching external driver amplifier for even higher amplitudes. The wide selection can be found here.