SHF D836 A Differential to Single-Ended Linear RF Amplifier

Differential signals from a high performance DAC, typically needed to be differentially-loaded in order to preserve the linearity and resolution from the impact of commom-mode spurious.  In addition, state-of-the-art DP-QPSK modulators for 16QAM applications are driven single-ended and require linear drive voltage of up to 4 V.  The newly released SHF D836 A differential input, single-ended output linear driver amplifier makes a perfect interface between a high performance DAC and a PM QPSK modulator for 16QAM.

common mode rejection

Suppression of common mode interference of SHF D836 A @ 32 Gbps

The new amplifier is a single chip design based on state-of-the-art commercial GaAs process, housed in a special low loss carrier PCB environment to maintain wide bandwidth and low group delay variation, necessary for high performance operation.

The full data sheet can be found here.

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