Discontinued Passive Components

Below you will find a list of SHF Passive Microwave Modules products which are not available (discontinued) anymore. For current modules we would like to guide your attention to our current product selection: Passive Microwave Modules.

P/N Type Datasheet
SHF 125 (1mm) 110 GHz Bias Tee
SHF 2000DEL WOC 20 GHz Delay Line
SHF AT26 40 GHz Monitor Tee
SHF 50 Bias Load
SHF BT45 45 GHz Bias Tee
SHF BT65 65 GHz Bias Tee
SHF BT110 110 GHz Bias Tee
SHF DCB45 45 GHz DC-Block
SHF DCB65 65 GHz DC-Block
SHF DCB110 110 GHz DC-Block
SHF DCR45 45 GHz DC-Return
SHF DCR65 65 GHz DC-Return
SHF DF45 45 GHz DC-Feeder
SHF DF65 65 GHz DC-Feeder
SHF DX45 45 GHz Diplexer
SHF DX65 65 GHz Diplexer
SHF DX110 110 GHz Diplexer