Discontinued RF & Microwave Amplifiers

Below you will find a list of SHF Amplifiers which are not available (discontinued) anymore. For current modules we would like to guide your attention to our current product selection: Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers.

P/NBandwidthTyp. GainMin. P3dBDatasheet
SHF 100AP25 GHz18 dB17.5 dBm
SHF 100APP12 GHz18 dB17.5 dBm
SHF 100BP25 GHz16 dB22 dBm
SHF 100BPP12 GHz16 dB22 dBm
SHF 100CP29 GHz18 dB25.5 dBm
SHF 100CPP12 GHz18 dB25 dBm
SHF 104P42 GHz15 dB12 dBm
SHF 105C30 GHz21 dB11 dBm
SHF 115AP25 GHt25 dB17.5 dBm
SHF 115BP17 GHz26 dB24 dBm
SHF 801P58 GHz8 dB13 dBm
SHF 803P40 GHz17 dB22 dBm
SHF 804EA45 GHz20 dB15.5 dBm
SHF 804M65 GHz23 dB15 dBm
SHF 804TL55 GHz22 dB15.5 dBm
SHF 806E38 GHz26 dB22 dBm
SHF 80740 GHz24 dB19 dBm
SHF 81038 GHz29 dB20 dBm
SHF 82431 GHz17 dB26 dBm
SHF 826H25 GHz25 dB26 dBm
SHF 82765 GHz11 dB15.5 dBm
SHF D836 A30 GHz13 dB19 dBm
SHF D836 B30 GHz12 dB18 dBm
SHF D837 A35 GHz10 dB16 dBm
SHF D837 B35 GHz10 dB16 dBm
SHF L806 A40 Ghz29 dB20.5 dBm
SHF L810 A38 Ghz29 dB19.5 dBm
SHF M827 A67 GHz11 dB15 dBm
SHF M833 A50 GHz12.5 dB18 dBm
SHF M834 A34 GHz15 dB20.5 dBm
SHF S804 A60 GHz22 dB16 dBm
SHF S80750 GHz23 dB19 dBm
SHF S807 B55 GHz23 db19 dBm