Discontinued Active Digital Modules

Below you will find a list of Active Digital Modules which are not available (discontinued) anymore. For current modules we would like to guide your attention to our current product selection: Active Digital Modules.

Discontinued Multiplexer (Mux) & Demultiplexer (Demux)

SHF 1037 Mux2…25 Gbps 2:1 multiplexer
SHF 5005 A60 GBit/s 4:1 Multiplexer
SHF 404 Mux2…60 Gbps 4:1 multiplexer
SHF 408 Mux2…100 Gbps 2:1 multiplexer
SHF 602 A4:1 Multiplexer
SHF 5002 A60 GBit/s 1:4 Demultiplexer
SHF 423 Mux2…60 Gbps 1:4 demultiplexer
SHF 603 A4… 120 Gbps 2:1 Mux
SHF 623 B10… 120 Gbps 1:2 Demux


Discontinued Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

SHF 611 A32 GBaud 3-Bit DAC
SHF 611 B32 GBaud 3-Bit DAC
SHF 611 C43 GBaud 3-Bit DAC
SHF 611 D32 GBaud 3-Bit DAC
SHF 614 A60 GBaud 6-Bit DAC
SHF 614 B60 GBaud 6-Bit DAC
SHF 615 A60 GBaud 3-Bit Power DAC


Discontinued Flip-Flop & Buffer Amplifiers

SHF 430 DFF50 Gbps D-type flip-flop
SHF 431 B55 Gbps D-type flip-flop
SHF 450 BLimiting Amplifier
SHF 631 A56 Gbps D-type Flip-Flop
SHF 651 A56 Gbps Buffer Amplifier


Discontinued Frequency Divider & Multiplier

SHF 1020 B10 -> 20 GHz Frequency Doubler
SHF 441 DIV5…50 GHz frequency divider
SHF 443 C60 GHz f -> f/2 Frequency Divider
SHF 641 A56 GHz, f -> f/2 Static Frequency Divider