Discontinued Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT)

Below you will find a list of SHF Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) products which are not available (discontinued) anymore. For current instruments we would like to guide your attention to our current product selection: Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT).

Discontinued Pattern Generators & Error Analyzers

P/NTypeForm FactorDatasheet
SHF 11100 A6 … 50 Gbps Error Analyzer (OC-768)Plug-In
SHF 11100 B6 … 56 Gbps Error Analyzer (OC-768)Plug-In
SHF 11102 A3 … 28 Gbps Error AnalyzerPlug-In
SHF 11110 A40 Gbps Error Analyzer (OC-768)Bench-Top
SHF 11122 A40 Gbps Error Analyzer (OC-768)Bench-Top
SHF 12100 A6 … 50 Gbps Pattern Generator (OC-768)Plug-In
SHF 12100 B6 … 56 Gbps Pattern Generator (OC-768)Plug-In
SHF 12101 A1.5 … 12.5 Gbps Pattern Generator (OC-192)Plug-In
SHF 12102 A3 … 28 Gbps Pattern GeneratorPlug-In
SHF 12103 A32 Gbps Quad- & 56 Gbps Dual-Channel Pattern Generator (BPG)Plug-In
SHF 12110 AMulti-Band Bit Pattern Generator (OC-768)Bench-Top
SHF 12122 AMulti-Band Bit Pattern Generator (OC-768)Bench-Top


Discontinued 10000 Series Mainframes

SHF 10000 BMainframe
SHF 10001 AMainframe