OFC 2017

Our new product highlights will be revealed at the OFC 2017 Conference and Exposition in the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 21st to 23rd. We would be very happy to welcome you at our booth # 2318 (part of the German Pavilion).

At OFC we will have a live experiment showing:

  • PAM-4 BER analysis up to 32 GBaud with the SHF 11104 A error analyzer (EA),
  • The new SHF 12105 A multi-channel bit pattern generator (BPG) together with the SHF 614 B 6-Bit digital to analog converter (DAC) to form a 60 GSymbols/s arbitrary waveform generator. In particular we are showing various types of 60 GBaud PAM signals (PAM-4, PAM-8, Odd PAM (e.g. PAM-5), Unequal PAM (different level spacing), PAM w. Pre-Emphasis,…).
  • 120 Gbps serial data generation with our SHF 603 A multiplexer.



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