OFC 2016

We would be very happy to welcome you again at our OFC booth. The OFC 2016 is in the Anaheim Convention Center from March 22 to 24 and we are at booth number 3112.

At OFC we will have a live experiment showing:

  • PAM-4 BER analysis up to 32 GBaud with the SHF 11104 A error analyzer (EA),
  • The SHF 12104 A multi-channel bit pattern generator (BPG) together with the SHF 614 A 6-Bit digital to analog converter (DAC) to form a 60 GSymbols/s arbitrary waveform generator. In particular we are showing various types of 60 GBaud PAM signals (PAM-4, PAM-8, Odd PAM (e.g. PAM-5), Unequal PAM (different level spacing), PAM w. Pre-Emphasis,…).
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SHF M827 A Amplifier

New features while keeping the excellent performance of its predecessor SHF 827

The SHF 827 amplifier has been the best choice for applications demanding the highest bandwidth and phase linearity such as 100 Gbps binary and 56G PAM4.  Due to this huge success, SHF has further refined this amplifier such that it enjoys the same ease of use as all other SHF amplifiers, whilst keeping its excellent RF performance.

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DesignCon 2016

On January 20th and 21st we are showing our product highlights at the DesignCon 2016 in the Santa Clara Convention Center. We would be happy if you stop by at our booth # 953.

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Operation up to 64 Gbps for SHF BERT

As a consequence of SHF’s continuous dedication to bring the most advanced technology to benefit our customers, we are now proud to announce raising the maximum bit rate of our modular BERT system, SHF 12104 A Bit Pattern Generator and SHF 11104 A Error Analyzer to operation up to 64 Gbps.

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ECOC 2015

Come and see our newest product developments at the ECOC 2015!

At our booth we have a live experiment showing PAM-4 bit error rate analysis at 32 Gbps. Further, we show how our SHF 12104 A BPG / SHF 614 A 6-Bit DAC combination creates different 60 GBaud PAM signals (e.g. unequally spaced PAM or PAM with pre-emphasis).

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Power DAC SHF 615 A

Driver-less 56 GBaud PAM4 client-side, VSR applications.

In addition to the SHF 613 A digital to analog converter with non-amplified outputs, a new high output amplitude version is now available.  The enhanced output drive capability is achieved by co-packaging ultra-broad band MMICs at each of the differential outputs of the DAC chip.

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6-Bit DAC SHF 614 A

Adding AWG capabilities to our BPG!

To further facilitate high baud rate multi-level coherent system research and development, and building on the experience of our existing family of high speed DAC modules, SHF announces the availability of a 60 GBaud 6-bit DAC.

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SHF 804 M Amplifier

Matching amplifier to drive modulators for >100 Gbps serial

Follow on to the release of the 100G 2:1 multiplexer, the SHF 603 A, a new matching amplifier is now available to boost the output amplitude for modulation requiring more than 3.5 V single-ended amplitude level.

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FOE 2015

From April, 8th to 10th we are exhibiting at the FOE 2015 at the Tokyo Big Sight. We would be happy if you stop by.

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Compact, low cost optical transmitter

In addition to the clock synthesizer, dual-channel BPG and dual-channel EA, an optical transmitter (EO converter) is now available for component and module testing.

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