New series of low cost compact BPGs

NRZ and PAM-4 signal generation up to 60 GBaud

SHF 12124 B Dual-channel 32 Gbps fully synchronized BPG

SHF 12124 B

To date, the SHF 12124 A compact two-channel 32 Gbps bit pattern generator (BPG) offered the lowest cost per bit rate of all bit pattern generators. Although the two channels of this BPG can be edge-synchronized using the skew control feature, they are not pattern-synchronized, preventing it to generate true PRBS at even higher data rates when connected to a 2:1 multiplexer. This drawback has now been removed in its successor: the SHF 12124 B.
The new BPG has two differential pattern-synchronized channels up to 32 Gbps. For fine-tuning the delay between the two channels, the skew control remains available.


SHF 12125 B 32/60G Dual-band synchronized BPG

SHF 12125 B

Building upon the pattern-synchronized property of the SHF 12124 B, it is now possible to generate true PRBS at even high speeds by adding an external 2:1 multiplexer. Incorporating such a multiplexer and the BPG in one single instrument results in our all new SHF 12125 B.

The SHF 12125 B provides one single differential channel up to 60 Gbps while still keeping the single-ended version of the two 32 Gbps channels accessible.


SHF 12126 A Dual-format 32 GBaud BPG

SHF 12126 A

To satisfy the increasing activities using the PAM4 signal format, the SHF 12126 A incorporates a high speed DAC to deliver a PAM4 signal up to 32 GBaud. This BPG / PAM4 source provides one single differential PAM4 channel up to 30 GBaud (60 Gbps) while also keeping the single-ended version of the two 32 Gbps NRZ channels accessible.


General System features

  • new chassis mechanically fitting to all other SHF bench top devices (e.g. DACs with option case)
  • gap-free operation from 5 Gbps (GBaud) to the upper data & baud rate limit
  • 4-Tap-FIR for pre-emphasis and skew control over two UI for 32 Gbps NRZ outputs
  • PRBS 27-1, 211-1, 215-1, 223-1, 231-1 and 32 Bit user programmable patterns
  • Various clock and trigger outputs
  • Low power dissipation and compact size

The full specifications can be downloaded in our Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) section.

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