Power DAC SHF 615 A

Driver-less 56 GBaud PAM4 client-side, VSR applications.

In addition to the SHF 613 A digital to analog converter with non-amplified outputs, a new high output amplitude version is now available.  The enhanced output drive capability is achieved by co-packaging ultra-broad band MMICs at each of the differential outputs of the DAC chip.

The power DAC, SHF 615 A, features a full scale differential output of 4.8 Vpp (2.4 Vpp single-ended).  In addition to the increased output drive capability, there is the second important benefit of preserving the signal quality compared to the use of external amplifier modules for boosting the drive amplitude.

The figures below show the output eye patterns of our 60 GBaud DACs, without and with co-packaged MMICs. The data sheet can be downloaded at our Digital Modules Product Section.

SHF 613A: 0.6 V, 60 GBaud, PAM-4 Output of a SHF 613 A DAC without an amplifier
60 GBaud, 0.6 Vpp (click to enlarge)

SHF 615A: 2 V, 60 GBaud, PAM-4 Output of a SHF 615 A DAC (which has internal amplifiers)
60 GBaud, 2 Vpp (click to enlarge)

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