Multiplexer up to 120 Gbps serial

As a consequence of SHF’s continuous dedication to bring the fastest test and measurement technology to our customers, we are now proud to announce the general availability of a 2:1 multiplexer capable of generating serial data at speeds of up to 120 Gbps using two 60 Gbps input data streams.

This is the 1st step towards the realization of full BER test and measurement beyond 100 Gbps, to be followed by a complementary 1:2 demultiplexer product later on.

This product, SHF 603 A, will be available as a module featuring single-ended data and clock inputs, with differential outputs.  For existing SHF BPG customers, an extender option will be offered as well, so that the module can be easily connected to existing SHF BPGs and operated remotely close to the DUT.

An example of the multiplexer output eye pattern at 120 Gbps is shown below.



120 Gbps from SHF 603 A

The full data sheet can be downloaded here.

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