SHF 19120 A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

2.85 GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) & 10 Gbps bit pattern generator (BPG)

The cost effective SHF 19120 A provides a variety of AWG and BPG outputs in a very compact and light weight chassis.

This AWG & BPG run with an internal or an external clock. Reference inputs and outputs can be used to synchronize multiple devices. Operation can be done remotely from any Windows or Linux computer (connected via Ethernet) or just by connecting a mouse and a monitor.

SHF 19120 A

SHF 19120 A

AWG Features

At its front panel, it provides three versions of the arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) output (only one accessible at a time) with markers and triggers. In addition, four pattern generator (BPG) channels are available from the rear panel of the instrument.

Direct Output DC Output AC Output
Vertical Resolution 14 bit
Sample Memory 1 GSa
Sample Rate 1.4 to 2.85 GSa/s
Coupling DC DC AC
Bandwidth DC … ≥ 1.2 GHz DC … ≥ 1.2 GHz 20 MHz … ≥ 600 MHz
Type Differential Differential Single-Ended
Max. Signal Amplitude (Single-Ended) ≥ 650 mV ≥ 1200 mV +8 dBm


The user interface provides quick access to the long list of pre-defined waveforms. In addition, any waveform can be imported from data files, created in the waveform editor, or programmed in the function editor by using Python commands.

SHF 19120 A GUI and actual waveform

SHF 19120 A GUI and actual waveform

BPG Features

In addition to the AWG waveform outputs, the 19120 A provides four synchronized pseudo random data channels with broadband operation from 1 to 10.3 Gbps at its rear panel. Each channel features an AC coupled CML differential output with a differential output amplitude of 1000mV peak-to-peak maximum. PRBS sequences 27-1, 215-1,223 -1, 231-1 and clock rates can be selected in the GUI.


More arbitrary waveform generation

Further information and the full data sheet can be found in our new product section: Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG).

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