SHF S126 A Amplifier

For many years, the SHF 826 H driver amplifier has been the model of choice for high output signal amplitudes (e.g. more than 12 Vpp at ≥ 20 Gbps).  Now, SHF has re-designed this amplifier into the new SHF “S-type” housing. The result is the SHF S126 A amplifier.

Compared to its predecessor, this amplifier keeps the RF parameters, such as bandwidth and output power, at the same high level while enhancing the gain and the signal quality. As a result of the new packaging, it offers the same operational convenience as all other SHF “S-type” amplifiers:

•    Small footprint,
•    Only one single power supply required,
•    Software Control for gain, crossing and output power,
•    Optional bias tees, DC-returns or matched pairs.


Typical output signals are shown below:

10 GBaud (20 Gbps) PAM4, Output signal amplitude 10 V

20 Gbps NRZ, Output signal amplitude 12 V

With the introduction of the SHF S126 A, the SHF 826H will become obsolete. The full data sheet can be found in our “Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers” product section.


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