SHF 804 M Amplifier

Matching amplifier to drive modulators for >100 Gbps serial

Follow on to the release of the 100G 2:1 multiplexer, the SHF 603 A, a new matching amplifier is now available to boost the output amplitude for modulation requiring more than 3.5 V single-ended amplitude level.

The SHF 804 M is housed in a very small package to maintain the high frequency performance level.  This amplifier has been optimized in the time domain specifically for > 100 Gbps binary applications.  Typical small signal bandwidth of this new module is 65 GHz and the gain is 23 dB.  An output amplitude of > 3 V pp single-ended (6 V differential) can be realized when driven directly by the 100G multiplexer, rendering it possible to drive a suitable high performance modulator.

100G out SHF 804M3.5 V @ 100 Gbps from an SHF 804 M

The data sheet can be found in our RF amplifier product section.

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