6-Bit DAC SHF 614 A

Adding AWG capabilities to our BPG!

To further facilitate high baud rate multi-level coherent system research and development, and building on the experience of our existing family of high speed DAC modules, SHF announces the availability of a 60 GBaud 6-bit DAC.

This module has a re-timing feature at the input ports, a simple easy to use graphical user interface for pre-set PAM-x operation, as well as full programmability for an arbitrary waveform.  This new 6-bit DAC features a differential output of > 2 Vpp full scale for modulation purpose and is equipped with MSMP (GPPO) inputs and 1.85 mm (V) outputs.

Example output waveforms from the SHF 614 A DAC are shown below. The data sheet can be downloaded at our Digital Modules Product Section.

PAM-4 @ 60 GBaud from the SHF 614 APAM-4 @ 60 GBaud (click to enlarge)

PAM-32 @ 2 GBaud from the SHF 614 APAM-32 @ 2 GBaud (click to enlarge)

'Eye Saw' @ 60 GBaud from the SHF 614 A‘Eye Saw’ @ 60 GBaud (click to enlarge)

SHF Writing at 60 G Symbols/sSHF ‘written’ at 60 G Symbols/s (click to enlarge)

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