Compact, low cost optical transmitter

In addition to the clock synthesizer, dual-channel BPG and dual-channel EA, an optical transmitter (EO converter) is now available for component and module testing.

SHF 46120 A

SHF 46120 A

This compact instrument, the SHF 46120 A, supports both 1300 and 1510 nm industry standard wavelength bands (O- and C-bands) with low insertion loss of less than 5 dB.  Its other key features include:

  • Data rates from 1 to 44 Gbps ASK (OOK) modulation,
  • Automatic bias control for modulator stability,
  • Adjustable extinction ratio via input data amplitude control,
  • PAM capable,
  • External interference injection for optical stress eye generation.

Combining the jitter injection capability of the clock synthesiser, adjustable output amplitude and pre-emphasis feature of the BPG, and now the broad band optical transmitter, the set up can support a comprehensive range of stress tests required for 100G modules and components.

An example of the output eye pattern is shown below:

output signals SHF 46120 A44 Gbps output signals from a SHF 46120 A without interference (left) and with interference (right)

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