SHF F840 A

Our first differential amplifier

SHF is well known in the high speed optical system, tele- and data communication R&D community for providing the highest bandwidth linear amplifiers with single-ended outputs. We are now introducing a new high bandwidth driver to address the needs of customers requiring differential inputs as well as differential outputs.

This new amplifier is capable of more than 55 GHz of small signal bandwidth and offers linear drive behavior of greater than 4 V differential. Due to its high linearity performance, it is perfectly suited for amplification of high speed PAM signals e.g. coming from one of SHF DACs as shown below:


Differential 80 Gbps binary in- and output signal


Differential 80 GBaud (160 Gbps) PAM4 in- and output signal


The product is available now and the full data sheet can be found in our amplifiers selection.

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