ECOC 2017

We would be happy to meet you at the ECOC 2017. This year, the ECOC-Exhibition is from September 18 to 20 in Gothenburg, Sweden. You will find us in the Berlin-Brandenburg Pavilion (booth number 301, 334 ).

All over the show there will be interesting live experiments with SHF instruments:

  • At the SHF booth

    SHF will show the new SHF 12105 A Bit Pattern Generator with its 8 independent but synchronized channels as a source to drive our SHF 614 A 6-Bit DAC and, in parallel, our SHF 616 A PAM4-Multiplexer. The PAM4-Multiplexer will produce 112 GBaud (224 Gbps PAM4) while the SHF 614 A 6-Bit DAC will be used for arbitrary waveform generation with emphasis on different kinds of PAM at 56 GBaud. For example we will show PAM with unequal amplitudes and PAM with pre-emphasis.

  • At the Teledyne LeCroy booth

    Teledyne LeCroy will use SHF’s 12125 B compact Bit Pattern Generator as a 56 Gbps NRZ source to show the capabilities of LeCroy’s LabMaster10Zi-A real-time scope.

  • At the Tektronix booth

    We will be in the Tektronix booth to assist on a demonstration analyzing Next Generation Optical PAM4 signals using Tektronix real time and sampling oscilloscopes. As a test source, Tektronix will be using our SHF 12105 A multi-channel BPG, driving a SHF 613 A 3-Bit DAC and our new SHF 46123 A 56 GBaud optical transmitter.



Our ECOC participation is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (German: Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, EFRE) and the ‘go international’ program of the senate department for economics, technology and research from the federal state of Berlin.EFRE

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