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Switchable Filter Bank

Passive low pass filters are very useful tools to minimize unwanted high frequency harmonic components. However, such passive devices tend to have a fixed -3 dB bandwidth and may therefore not always match the requirements. To mitigate this short coming, the SHF C980 A Filter Bank contains four different channels (filters) covering different bandwidth requirements from 6.5 to 30 GHz.

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Clock Distribution enables 100 GBaud from existing AWGs

Need to generate more than 200 Gbps PAM4 or 100 Gbps NRZ but your AWG does not support it? Here is your solution! 

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50 GHz RF Switches

With increasing complexity in RF test & measurement, some means of routing and switching between high-speed clock or signal lines is required. One example is to measure bit errors of multiple parallel lines with a single channel error analyzer. This can be realized by measuring one channel after the other. With SHF’s switches, such measurements can be accommodated fully automated without the need for any re-wiring or re-cabling.

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50 GHz Adjustable RF Attenuator

With the SHF C711 A the exact attenuation value can be adjusted with a resolution of 0.1 dB within a 22 dB dynamic range.

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Analog FIR Filter SHF C681 A

During ECOC in Dublin, SHF will show in a live demonstration the latest addition to the high speed PAM4 BER measurement capability. This is in the form of a stand-alone 6-tap analog FIR equalization module capable of supporting data rate up to 64 GBaud.

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SHF F840 A

Our first differential amplifier

SHF is well known in the high speed optical system, tele- and data communication R&D community for providing the highest bandwidth linear amplifiers with single-ended outputs. We are now introducing a new high bandwidth driver to address the needs of customers requiring differential inputs as well as differential outputs.

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130 GBaud (260 Gbps) PAM4

Introducing the improved SHF 616 B

If you thought SHF reached the limit of what is physically possible by generating 112 GBaud (224 Gbps) with the SHF 616 A, you had not been 100% right. We have now further pushed out the upper speed limits by releasing the improved successor, SHF 616 B.

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World’s 1st 100G BERT system

Serial 100G NRZ bit error analysis made possible!

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PAM4 Bit Error Ratio (BER) Testing at 56 GBaud (112 Gbps)

SHF introduces the SHF 11220 A PAM4 Sampler

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100 GBaud (200 Gbps) with the SHF 616 A “PAM4 Multiplexer”

Realizing 400 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) based on four lanes, each transmitting 53.1 GBaud PAM4 (106.2 Gbps) is currently one of the main challenges for researchers developing the next generation networks.

In an effort to continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions, SHF is now going even further to help our customers to define the next step on the road towards Terabit transmission.

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